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Outdoor Basketball Shoes

Can Outdoor Basketball Shoes be Used Indoors?

Basketball is a popular sport across the world. It doesn’t require specific equipment like baseball or hockey, but it does call for specific footwear. While most think that you can get away with wearing a normal pair of sneakers whenever you play basketball, this isn’t the case. If you’re serious about the game, you need to buy a pair of shoes made specifically for playing basketball. More so, you need to get a pair that is designated for either indoor or outdoor use, depending on where you play.

While it might seem that it shouldn’t matter, there are differences between indoor and outdoor basketball shoes that can’t be overlooked. Similarly, they shouldn’t be worn interchangeably.

Indoor Shoes: Wear them only on the court

The rules for indoor basketball shoes are precise than outdoor basketball shoes. The most important thing to know about indoor basketball shoes is that they should never be worn outside.

If you play basketball primarily on an indoor court, you should always change out of your shoes before heading outside. The court is a smooth surface that your indoor shoes are made for. If you wear them outside, you will ruin the soles of them and cause them to deteriorate faster.

When you wear your indoor shoes outside, they are exposed to the elements including the cement pavement. The ground can wear out the grip on the bottom of your shoes while the outdoor elements can ruin the exterior of them. This will significantly alter the performance of your shoes when you’re back on an indoor court. By choosing to use your shoes only on the court you can increase their longevity and ensure that they’ll perform properly for years to come.

Outdoor Basketball Shoes: Wear them only to play

While some people may tell you that you can wear your outdoor basketball shoes wherever you like because normal floors won’t wear them down any more than the ground will, most serious basketball players will tell you that it’s always best to only wear your basketball shoes when playing basketball.

Your outdoor shoes won’t last you as long as indoor shoes will since the ground can be unforgiving to the soles. They will wear down faster as the pavement of an outdoor court will tear at the rubber faster than smooth indoor floors will. To help them last as long as they can, choose to wear them only when playing the game.

Unlike indoor shoes that shouldn’t be worn when playing outdoors, you can get away with wearing your outdoor shoes when playing indoors since you don’t run any additional risk of wearing them out. However, this shouldn’t be done often if you’re looking to keep your shoes in good shape for as long as possible.


What’s the Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Basketball Shoes?

Believe it or not, all basketball shoes are not created equally. There are differences between shoes specifically designated for indoor and outdoor basketball. If you’re shopping for a new pair of basketball shoes and want to see if they’re better suited for one court over another, look for these distinctions and make a decision based on them.

Sole and Traction

One of the most apparent distinctions between indoor and outdoor basketball shoes are their soles and the traction they offer. Outdoor basketball shoes tend to have harder soles made of strong rubber that won’t rip easily. Indoor shoes usually have a softer rubber sole but are made to provide better traction since indoor courts are smooth and sometimes slippery. To sum this up, if you’re playing outdoors, look for a shoe with a harder sole that will withstand the hard, uneven court. 

Materials and Durability

Since outdoor basketball shoes are meant to be worn in the elements, they need to be able to withstand those elements properly. Synthetic materials are used due to their durability while rubber is used for the hard soles. Mesh is sometimes used to provide breathability to keep your feet from sweating too much, too. Since these shoes are made to withstand outdoor elements, more materials are used in comparison to indoor shoes. This makes them heavier than their counterpart.

Indoor basketball shoes don’t have to do as much work so they can be a little more streamlined. They’re also made of synthetic materials as well as rubber. However, they tend to be more lightweight than outdoor shoes since they don’t need to be as durable. As previously mentioned, the rubber soles are softer. These may or may not have mesh depending on the individual design.

Size of the Tread and Grip

The tread of a shoe is the part of the sole that comes into direct contact with the ground or floor. This is what helps keep you steady on your feet and gives a basketball shoe its proper traction. When it comes to indoor and outdoor shoes, the outdoor basketball shoes have larger tread patterns to provide you with the best stability and comfort as well as good grip on the hard outdoor surfaces. Indoor shoes have smaller tread patterns with more smooth patches in order to create better traction on smooth indoor floors.


Another difference between the two is the cushioning. Outdoor basketball shoes need to provide you with a good amount of cushioning in order to protect you from the hard ground. They can have thicker insoles and thicker soles for this purpose. Indoor shoes, on the other hand, have cushioning but not as much as outdoor pairs. When choosing the right basketball shoe, be sure to look at this factor to ensure you get the most comfortable shoe for your specific purposes.

Indoor vs. Outdoor: Which one should you buy?

If you’re looking to buy a new pair of basketball shoes, you have to first figure out where you’ll primarily be playing. For example, if you know you’ll be playing indoors most of the time, investing in a good pair of basketball shoes made specifically for indoor use is the better option. On the other hand, if you’ll be playing outdoors, pick up a pair that can withstand that use.

If you’re on a budget, buying one pair is better than buying two. In the instance where you’ll be playing basketball both indoors and outdoors, it might be best to get a pair of outdoor basketball shoes since they tend to last longer than indoor shoes. They won’t wear out too quickly when you play outside and they’ll get the job done properly when you wear them indoors, too. Just be sure that no matter what type of shoe you buy that it suits your personal needs and preferences.


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I reviewed the Best Basketball Shoes in the world.

Basketball shoes have come a long way since the sport has become more and more mainstream, both in the USA and worldwide. Sporting goods and equipment continue to grow and evolve as our understanding of science and athleticism grows – they offer better support, more comfort and of course they look cool. Nowadays we have so much variation and loads of choice when we are looking to purchase a set of basketball shoes, it can be tough to know which ones to buy, which is why I’ve created this guide all about the best basketball shoes on the market.

A Brief History of Basketball Shoes

If we asked our grandparents to remember basketball shoes from the past they would probably instantly think about Converse and their range, who bossed the world of Basketball shoes for many a year. In the modern age we associate them more with fashion than as a piece of sporting apparel, but for over 40 years you would see converse on almost every basketball pro out there.

In the 1970s more brands entered the market with Puma and Nike entered the market and shot to prominence in the market, and although Converse were still popular, Nike were beginning to push their ‘air’ technology to make their shoes more popular and technologically advanced, now dominating the market. Brands such as Adidas also entered the scene in the 80s and 90s and these three makes of basketball shoe now dominate the market, along with more recent contender Under Armour who manufactures a lot of top end sporting gear and apparel.

How to Choose Basketball Shoes

Picking the best basketball shoes for you depends on a few different factors:

Looks – you shouldn’t make this your top priority unless you’re buying them purely for fashion purposes, but even though other aspects are far more important, you don’t want to wear ugly shoes I’m sure and it is worth getting a pair you are going to fall in love with the look of.

Price – In an ideal world the money would be no object but realistically most people have a budget and you may well be looking for the best shoes in your price range not just the best full stop. Affordability is key for many of us.

Comfort – You need to be comfortable in your shoes to perform at your best!

Fit – This ties in with comfort, if your shoes fit properly then you’re going to be more comfortable and they’re not going to slow you up or slip where they shouldn’t, find the right fit and you’re much more likely to love your shoes.

Performance – The spring that your shoes put in your step, their reliability and the range that they give you on the court to perform at 100% all of the time.

Hi Top, Mid Top or Low Top

The “top” of the shoes you buy depends a lot on your style of play, if you’re a small and fast guard you may well prefer to go with a low cut or possibly a mid top because they’re a lot lighter, whereas a taller player might well be looking for more support, which is where the high tops come in. If you’re jumping all the time and trying to protect the basket then you’re much more likely to be impacting the court and the last thing you want is to roll your ankle.

Recommended Makes and Models of Basketball Shoes
Men’s UA Charge BB Basketball Shoes
Under Armour may be a relative newcomer when it comes to manufacturing basketball shoes, but that doesn’t mean they cant compete. If you want to make a statement on the court then these could well be for you, available in a variety of colors including some very bright ones! They don’t just look great, though, they’re designed with bulky foam on the heel to help put the spring in your step and jump as well as foam cushions for the ultimate in comfort, ankle supporting section that still allows for the utmost flexibility and an awesome Heatgear design to keep the sweat from your foot, leaving you with a dry and uninterrupted basketball experience.

Nike Lunar Hyperdunk

This Nike Model is now on its fifth generation, but it isn’t an iPod, and all you need to know is that it is an amazing basketball shoe, and the first Nike to make the list. Designed with Bball in mind, it is cushioned in all the right places and does provide good comfort and flexibility within its mesh and “Glass-reinforced composite midfoot shank to improve stability and responsiveness “. The design is more subtle than the Under Armours on the list but Nike bring years of experience and excellent shoes to the table, and cannot be ignored. The reviews on Amazon are incredibly good with many paying tribute to their durability and comfort even in the longest wearing sessions. These definitely get my recommendation.
Adidas Crazy Shadow
crazyshadowTime for an Adidas to make the list too with their Crazy Shadow model. These are a slick but subtle design of basketball shoe and really are among the best, not to mention exceptionally affordable considering just how good they are. A welded frame and mesh design give the ultimate in comfort and allow your foot to breathe, no clammy foot syndrome with these bad boys. They are flexible and the frame also provides excellent support and plenty of traction, as well as claiming to be non-mark rubber souled too. If you’re looking for something under $100 then look no further than the Crazy Shadow.

Nike Air Jordan Men’s Fly Wade 2

The list just wouldn’t be complete without some Jordan’s, with the iconic image of the man himself on the side, you could be fooled into thinking it was all just a big sponsorship deal to make you buy shoes, but trust me these really live up to the reputation and feel great, as well as having an excellent grip and great durability. The Jordan range are some of Nike’s best basketball shoes, and the Fly Wade 2′s are not an exception.

Basketball Shoes for Fashion
I’ve approached the shoes from a purely sporting point of view so far, but lets not forget that lots of people love to wear them (or at least old models, say converse) as a fashion statement. In fact I’m wearing some retro chuck taylor converse as I type this! They look great both on women and men and are designed for comfort and support, so shouldn’t let you down in this department at all. The model I’ve linked to below are just one example, and there are loads of other basketball shoes you can wear as part of your outfits.

That’s Great…So Where Do I Get Mine?
Well, fortunately for us there are loads of options when it comes to shopping these days, you can get your shoes in so many different ways. Personally, I like to buy the majority of my equipment for sports (and anything else for that matter) on the internet, but this is a bit of a different proposition. Everybody has slightly different feet and often the only way to find out what suits you is to physically try them on. It can be impossible to know exactly what size you’re going to take without being in a store and getting some sneakers on! Sports shops in the USA will provide a great outlet to go and find shoes that suit your foot, however in other parts of the world this might not be such an easy option with the high street struggling and of course Basketball Shoes not even being the most popular item bought from the sports stores.

The really cheeky way to buy them is to go and try on in store, and then come online and look at a price comparison, which will help you to find the cheapest model. If you go and find that some awesome Adidas shoes in a certain size are what you want, make a note of it, come online and see if you can find them on the cheap, this will usually save you quite a bit of cash compared to the prices on the high street.

Lots of online retailers will be specialists in shoes and other sports equipment, but when it comes to price, lets be honest, there’s usually no beating Amazon’s marketplace, which will probably even have the stores you would buy from as sellers.

To call any of these the best model of basketball shoe would perhaps be unfair, and it is subjective depending on your own personal taste, and the criteria outlined. You won’t go far wrong with the models listed, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experiment, and don’t forget that once you get your hands (or feet) on your shoes, and get used to them, you may just fall in love with your new shoes. Pick the best, improve your game and never look back! Don’t forget to check out this awesome video featuring 10 more of the best basketball shoes available in 2018
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Jordan Flight 45 Basketball Shoes Review

Jordan Flight 45 Basketball Shoes Review
The latest release from Michael Jordan’s “Flight” series of footwear is here. The 45′s have the classic early 90′s look, and are looking to combine it with modern manufacturing techniques to create a fantastic basketball shoe. We have delved inside the Flight 45′s to have a look at what MJ is offering up on this occasion

How They Look
The first thing to say with these is WOW! The design and colorways instantly grabs your attention and the colours are far from garish. They looked great trying them on for general day to day use, and look even better when you break them out on the court. As usual, numerous color schemes are available so you can get your Flight 45s in the specific style you’re looking for.

How They Fit
Without sounding like a broken record, the second thing to say with these is, WOW! The comfort of these shoes grabs you from the instant you try them on. Cushioned fantastically on the inside, your foot feels like it is being treated some very luxury surroundings. Do not be fooled though. Like previous releases, you do not compromise the necessary tight fit, for comfort. Even though the inside does feel very squishy, it immediately starts to mold to your foot. This provides a lovely tight fit across the top of your foot and around the ankle.

Although they do appear on the surface to have extra padding, this does not distort the true fit of the shoe. You will not need to size up in order to find one that you are comfortable with and they are also a very true length.

On The Court
The way these shoes fit, as described above, really pays dividends in game. That cushioned feel we described is very much in evidence on the sole also. Combine this with the way your ankle is gripped, and jumping in game is very comfortable. In fact we found that the extra padding reduced wear and tear on the joints and significantly decreased muscle fatigue. Also having a shoe that fits well and does not feel loose means that you can really plant your foot with confidence, and push off hard when going for those court length sprints. Be it on offence or defense, these shoes really assist with acceleration.

The final part of the on court performance is the grip on the base of the soul. While it is not extraordinary like other releases, it is more than acceptable. When you combine this adequate grip with the exceptional fit, you have a very safe, and supportive shoe that will excel in game conditions.

What Others Say
Like us, everyday users and other reviewers loved these. They all back up what we say on the fit and sizing of the shoe. Many express how nice it is to find a shoe that can accommodate the need for a wide fit around the ankle, without feeling loose around the foot. They also have praise for the durability and the ease with which they can be cleaned and maintained.

In Summary
When all is said and done these are one of the best pairs of shoes we have reviewed in a long time. The exceptional fit and true sizing means you can trust them from the get go, and the grip they provide (while not exceptional) is more than enough to do the job. Knowing your feet are properly locked in place gives you a confidence on court to twist and turn at speed, without the fear of rolling your ankles. Finally upon impact when landing, you are cushioned from the blow, and feel a noticeable difference to the fatigue you feel in your muscles and joints.

These shoes are as impressive on court as they are off it. Be it for casual use, a training shoe, or something to pull on when game day rolls round, you can not go far wrong if you decide to purchase these.

Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes for Point Guards

Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes for Point Guards
No. 10 – Adidas Rose 4.5

Adidas Rose 4.5 is a popular name like flower rose. It has a specialty like flower rose which is best in its race. You have seen many shoes and wore them for games but if you did not feel comfort then you can try them for once. I think, you must love them and second time you may buy the second shoes. This is comfortable, stylish, soft and durable that can save your money.

No. 9 – Adidas Crazy Light 3

Adidas Crazy Light 3 is another Adidas pride. Adidas keeps excited its fans by releasing new shoes. But this, Adidas Crazy Light 3 made users crazy after releasing. Although Adidas has some strong competitors but no one can catch it for its heavy performance which is fantastic. Have you used this before? Why not you buy for your next practice session?

No. 8 – Nike Hyperdunk 2014

I guarantee you that you will be fan of Nike Hyperdunk 2014 after using it. This is one of the best products for basketball gamer or athletes. Many gamers use these shoes for in playground for heavy performance. If you do not wear quality shoes in the completion then you may bring lower score or your team may lose the game for you. That’s why I recommended using Nike Hyperdunk 2014. In the shoes, they have used soft and comfortable cushion that is so soft and makes the situation best. The shoes come with various colors and given good space for breathing. In the Amazon, users gave it five stars rating.

No. 7 – Adidas Rose 773 2

Adidas Rose 773 2 is also good for gamers. If you see it once, you will fall in love of it for design and colors. It seems to me that the shoes made with special care. According players it is also good for performance in the players ground. Many professional players still use these shoes .You can buy one pair of shoes although it is expensive for trainee. It is available at $110 .But you will not feel pain for price after wearing these one.

No. 6 – Under Armour Micro G Torch 2

Under Armour Micro G Torch 2 is one of the gorgeous shoes. Its’ design also attractive and many unhappy customers who had bad experience with other shoes have chosen Under Armour Micro G Torch 2 and felling happy as well. It is made of synthetics and molded orthoclase sockliner cushions. It is llightweight, soft, minimally lined synthetic upper with laser-etched perforations for breathability and durable for long time. It is good for ground .Amazon sells it at cheap rate $80.

No. 5 – Adidas Crazyquick

If I buy any shoes from Adidas then I will try first Adidas Crazyquick. That is affordable and it is found at $112. If you see it at first then you will understand why I want try it. Its design is also very attractive and very colorful. There are five colors are available. About performance, like design it is also excellent .It is lightweight, soft and comfortable. It seems to it I designed for gaming. In Amazon, its rating is five starts. So, you already understood how demanding it is.

No. 4 – Nike Kobe IX SYSTEM

Nike Kobe IX SYSTEM is super shoe which were made long time ago but it is reputation does not minimize. Gamers like it and Nike brought this one for high jumping and for long running. As we know Nike always brings cools hoes that snatch your mind easily and it is also one of that series.

No. 3 – Under Armour Anatomix Spawn

You can try Under Armour Anatomix Spawn from newest brands. They made this one perfect for gamers and sure it best fitted for you. If you are an athletes or basketball player then you can take them for your gaming. Make sure that you have bought the original one. Many shoes companies are getting jealous for its reputation. Some gamers say that these shoes of their good starting and others say that this pair of shoes made other companies to think differently.

No. 2 – Air Jordan XX8

Air Jordan XX8 is called basketballs shoes. Most of the basketball players wear these shoes in their life for gaming. You can use these shoes for gaming, practice indoor or outdoor. It is durable and best suited for your feet. The shoes are made with best features and best materials.

No. 1 – Jordan CP3.VI AE

Wear Jordan CP3.VI AE and start playing. If you have not pair of them then you can buy them without any second thought. Its price is starting from $80 and which considered as cheap. It is made high quality materials like best quality rubber sole, best synthetic and leather used upper a and lightweight cushioning.You have chosen a beautiful thing if it is Jordan CP3.VI AE.


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