Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes for Point Guards

Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes for Point Guards
No. 10 – Adidas Rose 4.5

Adidas Rose 4.5 is a popular name like flower rose. It has a specialty like flower rose which is best in its race. You have seen many shoes and wore them for games but if you did not feel comfort then you can try them for once. I think, you must love them and second time you may buy the second shoes. This is comfortable, stylish, soft and durable that can save your money.

No. 9 – Adidas Crazy Light 3

Adidas Crazy Light 3 is another Adidas pride. Adidas keeps excited its fans by releasing new shoes. But this, Adidas Crazy Light 3 made users crazy after releasing. Although Adidas has some strong competitors but no one can catch it for its heavy performance which is fantastic. Have you used this before? Why not you buy for your next practice session?

No. 8 – Nike Hyperdunk 2014

I guarantee you that you will be fan of Nike Hyperdunk 2014 after using it. This is one of the best products for basketball gamer or athletes. Many gamers use these shoes for in playground for heavy performance. If you do not wear quality shoes in the completion then you may bring lower score or your team may lose the game for you. That’s why I recommended using Nike Hyperdunk 2014. In the shoes, they have used soft and comfortable cushion that is so soft and makes the situation best. The shoes come with various colors and given good space for breathing. In the Amazon, users gave it five stars rating.

No. 7 – Adidas Rose 773 2

Adidas Rose 773 2 is also good for gamers. If you see it once, you will fall in love of it for design and colors. It seems to me that the shoes made with special care. According players it is also good for performance in the players ground. Many professional players still use these shoes .You can buy one pair of shoes although it is expensive for trainee. It is available at $110 .But you will not feel pain for price after wearing these one.

No. 6 – Under Armour Micro G Torch 2

Under Armour Micro G Torch 2 is one of the gorgeous shoes. Its’ design also attractive and many unhappy customers who had bad experience with other shoes have chosen Under Armour Micro G Torch 2 and felling happy as well. It is made of synthetics and molded orthoclase sockliner cushions. It is llightweight, soft, minimally lined synthetic upper with laser-etched perforations for breathability and durable for long time. It is good for ground .Amazon sells it at cheap rate $80.

No. 5 – Adidas Crazyquick

If I buy any shoes from Adidas then I will try first Adidas Crazyquick. That is affordable and it is found at $112. If you see it at first then you will understand why I want try it. Its design is also very attractive and very colorful. There are five colors are available. About performance, like design it is also excellent .It is lightweight, soft and comfortable. It seems to it I designed for gaming. In Amazon, its rating is five starts. So, you already understood how demanding it is.

No. 4 – Nike Kobe IX SYSTEM

Nike Kobe IX SYSTEM is super shoe which were made long time ago but it is reputation does not minimize. Gamers like it and Nike brought this one for high jumping and for long running. As we know Nike always brings cools hoes that snatch your mind easily and it is also one of that series.

No. 3 – Under Armour Anatomix Spawn

You can try Under Armour Anatomix Spawn from newest brands. They made this one perfect for gamers and sure it best fitted for you. If you are an athletes or basketball player then you can take them for your gaming. Make sure that you have bought the original one. Many shoes companies are getting jealous for its reputation. Some gamers say that these shoes of their good starting and others say that this pair of shoes made other companies to think differently.

No. 2 – Air Jordan XX8

Air Jordan XX8 is called basketballs shoes. Most of the basketball players wear these shoes in their life for gaming. You can use these shoes for gaming, practice indoor or outdoor. It is durable and best suited for your feet. The shoes are made with best features and best materials.

No. 1 – Jordan CP3.VI AE

Wear Jordan CP3.VI AE and start playing. If you have not pair of them then you can buy them without any second thought. Its price is starting from $80 and which considered as cheap. It is made high quality materials like best quality rubber sole, best synthetic and leather used upper a and lightweight cushioning.You have chosen a beautiful thing if it is Jordan CP3.VI AE.
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